More recently, InnerAsia has introduced the Tibetan hybrid collection. These wool and bamboo silk rugs utilize the latest in machine loom technology to create a collection of Tibetan rugs that preserves the feel and charm of handwoven rugs at a more affordable cost.


Using traditional Tibetan designs, InnerAsia draws from its rich buddhist heritage in order to produce a wide range of Traditional, Arts and Crafts, Contemporary, and Specialty designs created by leading artists from around the world. See which of these four styles best suits your interior design needs.

InnerAsia specializes in creating custom rugs in a way that is easy, interactive, and fun. Whether its custom color, a unique size, or a brand new design, with state of the art software, our experienced rug professionals provide assistance and help every step of the way to provide customers with the opportunity to get exactly what they're looking for in a rug.

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Our Mission

InnerAsia's mission is to nurture new generations of artisans by providing them the opportunities to transform their craft into a sustainable livelihood for their families and communities. Through training we help preserve the best of their artistic heritage and through innovation we add intrinsic value and visual appeal that is responsive to our customers' lifestyles and aesthetic aspirations in the 21st century.

Our Story

For more than 25 years, InnerAsia has been making some of the most beautiful hand-woven, heirloom-quality Tibetan rugs in the world.

Founded by Tibetan native and leading Tibetan rug authority, Kesang Tashi, InnerAsia has helped revitalize Tibet's centuries-old rug weaving heritage and introduced Tibetan rugs to admiring rug owners throughout the world.

Founder of InnerAsia, Kesang Tashi

Founder of InnerAsia, Kesang Tashi

Our Philosophy

InnerAsia is committed to producing the finest possible handcrafted treasures from Tibet. Whether it is our richly textured rugs of brilliant design and colour, hand painted portable shrines and wood carvings, delicate Tibetan miniature paintings of the construction of the Potala or Samye or depiction of gallant mule drivers on the fabled Horse Caravan; Inner Asia brings you the best of Tibet's arts and crafts tradition.