Custom Design Assistance

Customer Testimonial

It's hard to describe the complexity of reproducing a 19th century Arts and Crafts rug, but Inner Asia knew exactly how to realize it. From the first renderings of the historic design, thru several strike-offs for color and content and then to beautiful hand craftsmanship, Inner Asia made the custom process look scientific. And all of that accomplished in a rigorous timeframe. All custom rug experiences should be so seamless!

-- Mark Johnson



Ten Easy Steps For Designing A Custom Rug 

  1. Choose a design from any of the InnerAsia/Khawawchen collections or work with our expert staff to create your own design.

  2. Specify the density you prefer; 60 knots, 80 knots, or 100 knots per square inch.

  3. Specify the size, shape and other requirements like silk highlighting, use of fringe would like on the finished rug.

  4. Select colors from InnerAsia's color charts and color poms. These can be shipped directly to you or your designer in 3-5 business days.

  5. Receive computerized drawing with a color rendering of your custom rug for approval within one   week.

  6. Order a Strike Off (optional) of your custom rug in 1'x1' or 2'x2' size ($150-250).

  7. Receive delivery of a finished Strike off via express mail in 4 to 6 weeks.

  8. Give final approval of color rendering and/or strike off.

  9. Place order with 50% deposit.

  10. In five months, receive your custom rug.  Expedite service also available.