Shop from our four handwoven collections

Using traditional Tibetan designs, InnerAsia draws from its rich buddhist heritage in order to produce a wide range of TraditionalArts and CraftsContemporary, and Specialty designs created by leading artists from around the world. See which of these four styles best suits your interior design needs.


Traditional Designs

Rug weaving is an ancient and important art form in Tibet that dates back to the 11th century. Intricate hand knotted rugs of all sizes were used to decorate the grand monasteries of the large monastic communities, the estates of noble aristocrats and modest yak-hair tents of nomads.

Prayer rugs and long runners were used by monks in the large assembly rooms and chapels and Tibetan rugs were used on beds, as wall hangings and on floors all across Tibet.



Contemporary Designs

Tibetan rugs draw from a rich and colorful palette of design influences that come from India, China, and central Asia. InnerAsia's Contemporary Collection takes this one step further by adding design ideas and artistic influences that come from the west. In combining the old with the new, InnerAsia brings together talented designers and new design influences from the U.S. with some of the finest and most experienced Tibetan rug weavers from Tibet and Nepal.

We have an exciting choice of hand knotted contemporary-styled rugs that are a perfect complement to a wide range of design settings. Many of these all-wool rugs are accented with silk highlights that add an additional element of texture and light to these unique designs.




Arts and Crafts Designs

The Arts and Crafts movement in mid-19th century Britain and turn-of-the-century America celebrated the return to a simpler aesthetic and an appreciation for the rugs, textiles, furniture, and other functional art forms that reflected the artistry of the craftsmen who produced them. The beautiful colors and designs in InnerAsa's Arts and Crafts Collection continue this celebration of good design. These highly versatile rugs are a wonderful addition to a wide range of design settings and different decorative styles.